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Thread: marlin express .308

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    marlin express .308

    hi guys, i am thinking of buying a new rifle for stalking and i am stepping up to .308 i have my eye on a new marlin express in .308 and i was wondering if any one has one or has had any experience with one. being an under lever action rifle i do have my reservations on how practical it will be for stalking and would like to know if any one else out there uses an under lever action rifle for stalking, being an under lever action it has specialist ammo for it with the mono flex tip from marlin express & Hornady as it has a tubular magazine does any one know what these bullets are like on deer and what price and how readily available they are in the UK,

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    I like Marlin lever action rifles. I live in Montana, USA. I have yet to see a box of that ammunition anywhere. I would have to order it.

    If I was going to have a 308, I'd get a good bolt gun that can utilize the full potential of the round and have brass and ammo that was readily available with a less than severely limited selection of bullets.

    But that's just me.~Muir

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    thanks very much,

    well I've seen the ammo on a few web sites in the UK but i think it would have to be ordered in the main reason i want that rifle is i like the look of it and have always wanted a lever action rifle, are lever actions less accurate than bolt actions to any great notice.

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    Hi Tom, I've got to agree with Muir. I'm a marlin fan too , but I've never seen a box of ammo let alone a rifle in 308 marlin express. It will probably go the way of the 307 & 356 winchesters.A good bolt action 308 is always a good choice, but if your heart is set on a lever action have a look at Browning's BLR , Savage's model 99, Winchesters 88 or(rare as hens teeth) Sako VL63 Finnwolf. They are all available in 308 as well as other readily available calibers.
    Truth be told though , its a lot easier to put together an accurate bolt gun, better triggers, easier to bed properly and in your part of the world a lot easier to find. That being said I've never seen a savage 99 I didn't like lol.
    sorry if I'm not much help AB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom B View Post
    thanks very much,

    well I've seen the ammo on a few web sites in the UK but i think it would have to be ordered in the main reason i want that rifle is i like the look of it and have always wanted a lever action rifle, are lever actions less accurate than bolt actions to any great notice.
    Without question.~Muir

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    I had a pair of the Marlin's in 308 Marlin Express . Both the 308MX which was walnut and blued as well as the 308MXLR . All I ever fired in either was the factory Hornady rubber tipped stuff and both were capable of sub MOA at 100 yards from the bench !

    After sighting the 308MX in I shot a 3 shot group at 100 yards that day that was about 3/4" . The 308MXLR (stainless laminated) one took a bit of break in to break the MOA barrier . As that one started out about 1 1/4" for 3 at 100 . After about 40 or so shots the barrel seemed to come in for lack of a better term .

    Never killed anything with the 308MX before I traded it off but I did with the 308MXLR . Used that one once to pop a big whitetail doe at about 65 yards and then brain a button buck about 20 seconds later at about 85 yards . Also around that time I popped 2 or 3 red fox . Did I ever mention I hate a F'ing fox ?

    It is my understanding that Marlin has ceased to chamber for the 308 Marlin Express , the 338 Marlin Express , the 450 Marlin and the 444 Marlin . I've owned and shot them all and killed deer and or bear with all but the 338 Marlin Express and I must say they all did nicely atleast for me .

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    When i bought the pair of Marlin 308 Express's I also bought 200 rounds factory ammo and a set of Redding dies in anticipation of reloading for the cartridge . The factory stuff shot what I thought was great in the pair I had so I never tried reloading for the cartridge . Now thats not to say they may or may not have shot better with handloads . I will never know since the guns , dies and brass have all gone down the road !

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    Quote Originally Posted by alberta boy View Post
    It will probably go the way of the 356 winchester.
    I had a pair of Marlin 336ER's in 356 WIN a couple years back and killed deer with them both !

    A 5 point buck on opening day with the jacketed bullet rifle shooting the factory Winchester 200 grain ammo . It was kinda cool as it was a boom flop !

    With the other 336ER I had it set up to shoot the Ranch Dog 359-180GC bullet pushed moderately with XMP5744 . With that one I shot a button buck at about 30 yards and amazingly enough it was another boom flop !

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    You know I have owned and still do own a fair number of lever action rifles and to be totally honest they are something I like to play with .

    If I am in a situation where I really really wanna make sure I kill a deer I will typically take a Ruger #1 in some such cartridge or one of several bolt action rifles I have at my disposal .

    Over the last 4 or 5 years my intrest in leverguns for hunting has been more of a thing about wanting to try different cast bullets just to see how they perform . And in all actuality any lead bullet of 9 hardness or above that weighs about 170 grains of more is quite sufficient to kill most of the deer I'll encounter in a typical year of damage control hunting and hunting during the regular season .

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    I toyed with the idea but to be honest, after some research I felt the bullet was a compromise due to the action of the rifle and I couldnt justify the cost of bullets and reloading it.

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