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Thread: Favourite knife

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    Favourite knife

    Looking for views on your favourite knife for stalking, blade length , blade type, steel type for taking and keeping an edge, I have used buck knives sharpened at 17 deg and they are fine for a single deer , friends have knives sharpened twice season which hold edges better than mine sharpened every couple of deer.

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    I made a bruseletto from a kit a few years ago. Really nice in the hand and good edge. The fact I made it myself makes it a favourite of mine, but to be honest you can't beat a carbon steel mora and I have a few of those also!

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    I'd have to say my favourite is a Fallkniven TK2. It's sharp as a laser, keeps its edge for ages. Steel is laminated 3G, it's stainless. Blade 4 inches. Feels superb in the hand and easy to manoeuvre. Not cheap though but worth every penny.

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    Folding Buck Alpha, no frills, stainless steel, well made.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tjwaines View Post
    Folding Buck Alpha, no frills, stainless steel, well made.
    I have used one of these with ATS-34 steel for a good few years now, in fact since this model was introduced. Very impressed with it but not the easiest steel to put an edge on quickly. It does hold it well once done though...

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    Helle GT for bigger deer, fjellkniven for smaller species - I just wish I could trust the sheath on the smaller knife, I can't so it get's carried in a pouch.
    I also have a Cutco, which is a great knife, but not a thing of beauty.
    Can be cleaned in a dish-washer though, which is good for hygiene.
    I have a selection of Buck knives, which are all handy in their own way, but I prefer the flat Scandinavian bevel of the the Helle, looks better when polished up and I think it's a bit tougher than hollow ground.
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