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Thread: Nosler Partition,Sierra game king boat tails.

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    Nosler Partition,Sierra game king boat tails.

    I will be looking to reload 100gr Nosler Partition .243 and 130gr and 150gr Nosler Partition for my .270.
    The question really is having only ever used Partition or Sierra game king boat tails is there a anyone on the site changed from either of these heads and found a better bullet for Roe, Sika and red taking into account meat damage accuracy.
    Things change and new options become available I would be grateful for views.



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    You got a reloading press the Phil

    Can't help you with the 270, but I have always used 100 grain Speer SPBT in my 243, used these on Roe and Sika, hinds only on the Sika. I find them accurate and meat damage has never been noticeably bad. I have just loaded some 100 grain, Hornady interlocks and these (129gr) have been very accurate and effective in my 6.5.


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    Hi Smithy,

    I've never used partitions in .270 or .243 so can't comment on them other than my old head stalker having a thing against .243 partitions as they didn't seem to group as tight. I've zero experience with them though.

    I've gone through a shed of .270 rounds and my favourites have been 130gr Hornady Interlock (normal flat base soft point) as they mushroom really well, 130gr Sierra ProHunters and Gamekings (both are superbly accurate and reliable), 130gr Speer HotCor flatbase.

    Those have been my mainstay for ages and am hard-pressed to choose between them.

    Bought 140gr Hornady SSTs to try and am struggling to get them to come in under 1.5" at 100yds with any load and depth combination I can think of. Yes, yes 1.5" is "good enough", but I'm a pedantic little sod! They might shoot well in yours though.

    Also have 150gr Hornadys here to try out sometime and the newer thicker jacket Ballistic Tips (the old ones were very frangible in .270 though seemed fine in other cartridges). The Sierra, Speer and Hornady normal soft points have performed well for me on foxes, roe, red hinds and stags and even a couple of bullocks.

    The 100gr Hornady flat base soft points were the best for my .243 and they mushroom beautifully. Have a few recovered from under the skin from 3/4 on shots on reds and they show double diameter expansion and holding together south of the central band. My all time favourite load in .243 was the Speer 105gr Round Nose. All the ballistic efficiency of a brick but they would fell rutting stags like a hammer blow. Ken, the head stalker, copied the one-time 105gr DWM Deer Commission load and for years all three estate rifles only ever fired the 105gr for stags and hinds. But then the bullets became hard to source.

    All the best,


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    .243 loads

    For three years I have used 95g CT Silver Tips. Very happy with accuracy and most certainly done what it was intended to do. Then the problem arrived. Down to the RFD and at 44.00p per 100 no thank you. I switched to Hornady 100g Interlock, code 2453 and the price was very good. Accuracy was fine and the end result very good.

    When I went to replenish the dwindling stock I was rather surprised to find the new price had shown a 30% increase. The dollar v the pound was quoted. I found another RFD and changed to Sierra 100g SPBT code 1560. Problem solved. Accuracy improved and my wallet still had some change in the note compartment. Super value and available almost everywhere. Value wise I do not believe it can be beaten. Now if I can just find some Vihtavouri which hasn't increased by 30% I shall be very happy.

    If you have yet to try Vectan VU 7000 with your .243 give it a go. Excellent and only 28.00p per 500g tin. I have spent hours at the range experimenting with load development and found it to be excellent on accuracy. I have managed to get these down to .5 out of a standard T3.


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