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Thread: market research on rifle and gunslips.

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    market research on rifle and gunslips.

    Hi all Iím just doing some market research on rifle and gunslips.
    My partner makes Leather shooting goods and accessories slips etc

    What for you would make the perfect rifle or shotgun slip?
    Is there any features you wished your slip had ďapart for the obvious fridge to keep the beer cold or is that just me!Ē

    What would make the slip you have better?
    Any help would be good

    Ps this is her latest commission can you see yourselves in the new game season walking to the peg with this

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    rifle slips

    An important consideration for stalkers slips is a reasonable rain shedding quality, A must is a muzzle / crown pad, & padding in the scope mount area, a bonus would be in my opinion, provision for a large moderator alongside somewhere.

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    When transporting my rifle in a vehicle I like to run a security cable through the bolt race and then attach it to a seat brace or convenient bodywork strut. Could the slip be provided with a poppered or zipped aperture on each side to allow for such measures? Maybe too a pocket in which to store the security cable.

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    I don't even use a slip anymore, zips broke after a few weeks, mostly the rifle won't fit in anyway because the slips are made for european style hunting rifle. One should be able to fit a hunting rifle with at least 24" barrel + moderator+ big scope+ bipod. That without having to buy a drag bag.

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    A slip that has plenty of depth so its not a struggle to get the zip over your scope..
    Plenty of padding and external good size pockets..
    Strong stitching to avoid the carry handles coming unstitched..


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    One of my fantasies is ordering a bespoke sleeve from somewhere like Quality Gunslips. Brady do not seem to be using the same quality of canvas as they used.

    I am very fond of 'traditional' materials and construction techniques, so would like good quality canvas with stitched (not riveted) leather bits on.

    The thing would need to
    1. be big enough for rifle and scope, with mod and/or bipod attched (if needed)
    2. have both a broad webbing shoulder strap and carrying handles
    3. be padded enough to protect contents from mishandling on the hill
    4. have full-length opening for easy access and easy drying.
    5. allow 4. without use of a zip (I don't really trust zips).
    4. be waterproof-ish, maybe by being constructed, from the outside in, of canvas over 'goretex'-type membrane over padding stuff over moleskin
    (or something else soft but non-furry)

    I've been wondering about how full-length opening could be done without a zip or a load of snaggy buckles and straps. One option might be a flap going over the opening of the case reaching a couple of inches down the other side. This would have, under a fly-cover, a 'button hole' either sewn or brass-fitted every 4" or so along the length mating with a brass staple protruding from the case. A length of stout cord or a strip of leather fixed at the muzzle-end of the case would then be drawn through the eyes and fixed at the end to close the case.

    This would not be likely to fail, but could nevertheless be opened quickly and silently.

    Another method might simply be a flap with buttons under a fly-front, or brass eyelet with twisting fasteners. Anything but a zip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ash243
    something like this then

    That would do nicely especially if the rifle was included

    Where did you purchase it


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    thanks so much you make so good and very valid points as dose everyone
    can i ask why you dislike zips so much ?

    How would you feel if the bespoke slip you ordered came with a life time initial purchasers warranty on materials and construction providing that the slip has been cared for ?

    thanks for the feed back

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    Quote Originally Posted by ash243
    something like this then

    Yes. But I would also like an option with double straps (bi-athlon type) too

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