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Thread: Any IPad users out there having issues on this site?

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    Any IPad users out there having issues on this site?

    Just wondering if its a problem with my machine or not, but whenever I try and respond to a thread, the keypad appears, but then disappears after every character I type for the first word or two, kinda gets irritating and wondered if there was anything I can do? It doesn't happen on any other websites, just on here..........
    anyone got any ideas?


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    Fine with my iPad ....I mean the wife's .i was banned from her mac and find the iPad good no issues asked her as she is techy and she don't know either .

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    Working fine, so far?

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    I get this problem with my Iphone but the iPad seems to be ok!!!
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    Hmm, just me then.....thanks Norma, I'll see if anyone else experiences it.....seems worse if I use the keypad in the landscape screen, not so bad if portrait.

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    Cheers guys, looking like a local problem to me then......

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    I had that problem at first, and still get it when I clear the history off it. However, it seems to learn that I'm going to type more and the problem goes away after a bit.



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    Well it works fine on my iPad must be a problem at your end. What iPad are you using is it with newest iOS? This is iPad 1 I'm using iOS 5.1. When the wife gets home I'll try it on hers as she's got iPad 3 using iOS 6.

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    It's an ipad 2 couldn't justify the 3 for my needs.....

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    I too have been having the same problem for 2 weeks,it did the same this time up to the end of the 7th word,it's getting on my nerves,our iPad was updated in apple shop recently and that may be the prob

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