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Thread: Blaser R93 Professional package

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    Blaser R93 Professional package

    Blaser r93 offroad pro (green), genuine harris bipod stud properly fitted, ambidextrous stock (double palm swells fitted as special order by openseason), stock can be used by both right and left handed shooters.

    Stock/bolt is less than 1 year old bought as upgrade. C/w either .243 or 25-06 barrel, 30 mm saddle mount (proper Blaser one), t4 or cmm4 moderator. 1750 as complete rifle with mod/mount or 2350 for rifle, both barrels and 1 moderator. 3000 including mint 8x56 swarovski with illuminated 4ni ret c/w butler creeks and box/paperwork.

    if someone wants the complete package (stock, bolt, 2 barrels, saddle mount, moderator, scope) i'll throw in a peli 1700 travel case for 100 extra

    priced to sell as the chepest available in the uk - if you can find cheaper to the same spec i'm happy to adjust, (and i dont mean the really old wood effect offroads - this is a current spec R93 professional).

    pics to follow or by email. happy to demonstarate in west berks if you want a try.

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    To clarify, the 2350 price includes 2 genuine 30mm saddle mounts.

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    Nice package, if i was in the market for a new rifle i would take it as its a great system! Come on guys get this lot in your cabinet!

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    243 group at 100y in high wind

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    200y group shot with 25-06, moderator on and off, the 2 togeter are with mod on... actually, they are all together! thats a 1" target.

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    Bump, new rifle due mid feb so want this lot gone.

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    i i had my license i would buy this strait away. great package

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