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Thread: Stalking knife with a twist

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    Stalking knife with a twist

    This is something that Duncan did for me. I like it, but I must clear out unnecessary stuff to pay for two car taxes and another batch of sharps from him.

    It's 01 tool steel, 7mm thick with a hollow grind.

    I have put wafer thin red liners under blue G10 and affixed it all with stainless bolts and lanyard tube.

    I put a forced patina onto the blade with ketchup and then stropped the hell out of it to get it razor sharp. To finish it all i wrapped it in 4mm thick leather I had dyed dark brown.

    This is unique, not quite up to the finish standard of the RWL (soon to be N690) stalker knives and will need care, but it is very very different and a pleasure to use, there is a small dot of leather dye on the G10, visible in the photos.

    For this one off I'd just like 150, all in, to your door. There are no more, there will be no more.

    Thanks for looking


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    I would take 125 but that's as low as I'll go.


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