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Thread: .223 oal

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    .223 oal

    hi guys, i already have a load that i like in my .223 and im about start trying toget the groups that bit tighter(it doesnt need it but i like to play) and i was just wondering what sort of oal everyone else uses with a 50 grain bullet? i have mine at 2.22" at the moment but will be making them a bit longer next.

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    every chamber length will be different your the only one that can find the sweet spot.

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    oh i know this, im not after advice its just a curiosity thing. i was bored early and just thought id see what i could actually get to chamber etc, the longest with out having to "force" the bolt was 2.9"

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    my old 223 info was
    rem LTR 223
    5 "tho off lands
    coal `1.9150 50 gr
    coal 1.9190 45 gr frangable head due to short OG
    no use to you i no, but this was mine

    i used bullet comparator and o.a,l gage mod case ect to setup correct chamer size and backed then off lands and my ar15 with 69hp match were around the same ish
    paul o'

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    cheers for the reply paul, like i say i was just interested as i was surprised how much extra "room" i had to play with

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    PAUL O'

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    hahaha yeah i can imagine. its halfway up the barrel before you squeeze the trigger haha. good job i enjoy reloading isnt it

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    yes feller i love the moon cuts from the retrimed necks befor you debur them my wife loves the black marks i put on he cabnets when i come in from loading room for a brew just one look and i no i'v been a bad boy and the odd unused primmer up the bench hoover is a grin aswell henrys not well today!
    keep on stuffing em in feller
    paul o'

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    just dont get caught cleaning your brass in the washing machine, it doesnt go down too well. saying that though, what nobody else knows cant hurt me

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    nowt wrong with that i used to make pratical pistols before thay said we were all gun nuts i used to put glock 40cal in the dish washer after milling slides and porting barrels but her in doors found out and i had to buy an altrasound but clean was clean kept cost down aswell .funny things them with front bumps

    laters feller
    i'am off out its 17hmr bunny time
    paul o'

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