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Thread: DSC1, DSC2 Increased Permission Chances??

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    DSC1, DSC2 Increased Permission Chances??

    Hi all,
    just after a bit of advice if possible. I've never been great at the whole knocking on doors approach and also never been successful at it. All of my Falconry Permission has come from word of mouth, neighbouring farms etc who I've built a good relationship with. I dress smart, believe I act the part, act responsible etc.
    Anyway, none of my permission stretches onto any Deer land (yet - hoping to see Muntjac in one place soon, but only around 35acres), therefore I expect door knocking or forking out for a syndicate is possibly my best option.
    I've recently passed my DSC1 but still don't feel confident knocking doors as an unknown and as stated my current trusted permissions for my Falconry and my 22LR don't hold Deer - What a predicament and I doubt an uncommon one.
    I had hoped to perhaps find a door of some description after my DSC1 and I'm by no means giving up yet I'm struggling to see a way in at present, I live in the West Midlands and travel to my permission, I'd certainly be an outsider on any Deer Permission etc.
    I now fear that although I really enjoyed the DSC1 and learnt alot that it's actually put me no closer to obtaining the right kind of permission. Is the general feeling that DSC2 would open doors that I'm unaware of (a register of some description perhaps) or should I expect the best chances will come from word of mouth at present if I keep chipping away at the rabbit permission etc?
    Sorry for the long post but wanted to explain the situation as oppose to just having a moan as I've been looking into it for a good while now but still managing to get nowhere.
    Advice please???????????????????
    Thanks in Advance


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    joe i was in a similar position although i have a small permission for deer down the road as its a family farm but only limited numbers so i started looking for syndicate places, plenty out there from fc to till hill or fountains even private syndicates all want dsc1 with restricted access ie you have to stalk with a level2 thats also on the lease,
    in my opinion if you are willing to travel dsc2 opens plenty of doors . most i think are looking for level 2 as its very tying for other members and yourself if you have level 1 only.
    I have started my level 2 so happy i am going the right way and my personal view is i can only see it going in this direction anyway ,
    syndicates come up all the time its just a case of going and looking and finding the right ground and folks, atb wayne
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    Thanks for the response Wayne, I have to be honest, there is someone I have the opportunity to go out with a bit already but really don't like being pushy so tend to not pester him etc. I'm perhaps in a better situation than most, maybe need to wipe those tears dry, get my chin up, fork out for the big gun and look to get some stalks under my belt!! Just quite a risk, financially and time disposal if at the end of a costly journey I'm still left scratching my head. Hope that makes sense, thanks again


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    Congrats on your DSC1
    I think the answer is to do some accompanied stalking
    with a mind to doing your Dsc 2 over the next year or so.
    that will cost some money but you should also gain a lot of experience
    and insight.
    Nothing comes free you either have to pay or work for it.
    Im afraid DSC2 is almost certainly pay
    BUT make it clear you do not want to pay for trophies.

    DSc 2 wont automatically open doors but would help to get you more experienced
    and into a lease or syndicate

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    Thanks Bob, think that'll be my next step but perhaps go and see a gralloch or two before starting DSC2, the snag for me is justifying a good lump of cash on a 243 (which i have permission on my Liscence) to the wife and not getting to use it too much.
    Am i right in thinking there's a Timescale on Level2?

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    Joe level two may help but its not the complete answer, and you will need it or be working towards it for an FC lease
    a private lease is less likely to require you to have level two.

    Not being funny but are you prepared to pay for a lease, some people are lucky to get stalking for nowt, but most have to pay,if you are looking for free stalking it may take a long time to find.

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    Ok if youve got authority to buy a .243 then you should. its an investment that
    will last you the rest of your lifetime . even if you stalk only once a year

    you need to enrol for DSc2 then build up your experience with acredited witnesses.
    It is a vocational evidence based assessesment and evidence should be fact within three years.

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    if you have friends to stalk with i would get a rifle if you dont have oodles of cash get a nice parker hale or bsa ,something thats out of the latest fad but shoot great gain some confidence with it and learn your grallochs as you go for a few quid the best practice guides are great for not alot of money and great to learn your lymph nodes once confident go down the dsc2 route. I would say from another thread paul at barony hit the nail on the head with going to someone with a lot of ground and larger deer numbers so your chances are greater, i hope it works out .keep us posted ,atb wayne
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    Nice one, cheers guys. I have a rifle in mind that I'm saving pennies for. I expect it'll be payed stalking but probably not local given my geography.
    I know now I'm along the right lines!!

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    Some of your questions are answered in this post:
    Fed up to hear: NO! I ALREADY HAVE SOME ONE!!

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