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Thread: Roe doe with 3 young is this very unusual or fairly common

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    Roe doe with 3 young is this very unusual or fairly common

    I saw this the other day not sure how common triplets were.
    what do you guys think, thanks in advance
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    never ever seen triplets mate twins sometimes

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    I've only seen it a couple of times, twins often, but rarely triplets.

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    One two or three young is possible but
    also may form loose groups this time of year.
    need to see them in June July to be sure
    having said that Ive not seen triplets
    theyr`e lucky to keep one in my woods.

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    Twins are common triplets less so but not unheard of quads have been recorded but they are rare.

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    Two years ago in July I took out my butolo caller for the first time. Having no idea what I was doing I proceeded to sqeak it whilst walking along. Before I knew it a Doe appeared from nowhere almost running straight over. Closely behind her she came trotting triplets and a buck. She stood and barked for a good few minutes whilst the kids stood around unsure of what was going on and the buck paid no attention to me and just kept watching the Doe from a few feet away. Unfortunately he stood directly in front of one of the kids so I didn't take the shot. I saw the Doe again around November time and she still had the 3 with her.

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    we had a doe who had triplets two years in succession and these were seen in June all bedded together, unfortunately i didnt have a camera but got pictures of them when they were older and she reared them all.

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    ive had a doe 2 years ago had triplets ,realy nice to watch her in the summer with them ,all 3 made healthy adults .

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    Seen triplets in roe a few times but usually twins.

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    I have two does with triplets first seen in july this year ,first time i have had two,only ever seen one with three in the past 20 years.

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