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Thread: Watch out guys

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    They have been around for a couple of yrs.

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    My mate nearly got one and asked my opinion and I looked at the pic and said its not genuine leupold so he stayed clear

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    As Taff says, they have been around for years. But at least this one is advertised as a replica. A couple of years ago i had a chap bring two into the shop for mounting on his Tikkas that i had sold him a few weeks before. He had got them 'for a song' from evil bay but coild not understand why the Optilock mounts were more expensive than the scopes! A quick comparison with some 'real' scopes soon put him on the right path. He ended up putting them onto his Air Arms and BSA PCP's.....both scopes failed within 3 months! Just goes to show, you do get what you pay for!


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    "Buy at half the price, pay twice..."

    at least this guy is being honest!

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