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Thread: where to buy solid oak shields for red skull?

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    where to buy solid oak shields for red skull?

    As per the title really.. Just had a look on google and e*ay and couldnt find anything really. Bushwear do them but theyre MDF.. i want a solid wood one.

    Any ideas?

    Its stupid really as when i was a kid i made my own, but then i did have access to an oak furniture manufacturers..

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    And if you do a deal with Matt Ben I can save you the postage as Matt can drop it here and I'll deliver it shoot day .

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    cheers Snowy, will keep u posted.. Hows tricks?

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    Now lets think Ben, who do we know in the timber business.......................................... .....

    or is this the worlds most contrived hint?? LOL How many you after I thought you'd only shot 1 red

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    I have always bought mine from for red and roe, i think the red are about 17
    All the best 1995rs

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    I dont know SDD.. i do know someone in the steel trade?! Im still waiting for a gong or two from him though lol!

    The shield is for a head from a certain park that someone i know wants to put on her wall.. And i will have u know ive shot 2 wild reds! lol..

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    Well we havent sold those plates in 20 yers so when you get round to collecting them they will still be there. As for wood, Weatheralds????

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    If you phone bushwear they will do you solid oak ones - they have got them for me in the past.

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    Thanks guys, think ive got it sorted.


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