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Thread: Apple mush as attractant

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    Apple mush as attractant

    The revier owner where I stalk with got an offer yesterday for taking away the apple mush left over from the production of apple juice in the next town so off we went and for 10 euros we took away three trailers full of it, I reckon it is around the two ton weight mark now we have got it all in a big box form looks like concrete shuttering walls with it stamped down airtight and a foil seal on top.
    By next year it will have fermented and will make great lure material.
    One small 1.5 litre doseage at strategic places in the revier keeps the roe and boar coming back for it through the worst of winter.
    Anyone do this in the UK?

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    Yes I use it . Good free feed for me .

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    Hi do you use this for fallow and are you putting the pulp out or mixing it with somthing i have fallow on my ground and i have tried salt licks and i have just bought some molases licks but still not seeing any deer at the moment would be greatfull for an help.

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    We only have roe and boar on our ground but it is worth a try if you can source it cheap or for free.

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    Thanks Martin how about Sussex Fallow do u use this with any joy.

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    where is a good place to look for / get this then ?

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    When making baits I always add some yeast to speed up the fermentation. Even standard bakers yeast will get the alcohol content high enough that it can be stored for months without refrigeration in our climate.

    This "beer" is added to grains or used alone just as a liquid. When added to grain its good to wait another few days as the yeast comes back to action again & more alcohol is produced.

    Its my experience that fermentations draw & aggregate game animals better than anything else.

    Cheers Sharkey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lloyd90 View Post
    where is a good place to look for / get this then ?
    Try the Devon and Somerset cider makers, though they may sell it for cattle feed.

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