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Thread: Dillon press's.......any opinions

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    Dillon press's.......any opinions

    My father in law has a bit of reloading gear, most or at least some of which I am having so I can get started, however he has two presses, one which is dedicated for pistol loads apparently. Forgive me if details are scant but I currently know very little (I've not yet seen any of the gear). The press in question he has asked me to sell for him which I will gladly do, it's made by Dillon, that is all I know so far, are they any good, does it sound like something anyone would want? I'm picking it all up at the weekend, but it'd be nice to know if they are the rolls royces of the reloading world or the lada equivalent ........

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    Dillon brilliant company and equipment unless you are talking about the Dillon Square Deal, that's dedicated to pistol ammo only. Have a look at their website.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I think the Dillon 550 is one of the worlds biggest selling presses, so yes I'm sure someone will want it.

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    Marvellous, thanks chaps, I'll report back after the weekend, all I could find was American sites and I was after some genuine opinions and info, SD delivers as usual.

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    I have a Dillon 550B its set up for my club shooting pistol ammo. Fantastic press I can load easy 250 an hour on it.....Dont think you will have any trouble selling it

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    I have a Dillon 550RL amongst others.

    I love the Dillon, I dont use it as a progressive but single stage.

    It produces excellent, concentric ammo, ease of change for calibres is very useful feature too.

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    Ok, so I've taken receipt of the two presses, not quite as I was initially told, specifically for pistol ammo, but instead one RL 550 (which I'll be keeping) the other is an NXL650 with an XL650 case feeder hopper to boot........
    i will upload some photos tomorrow when I get a chance, i have no idea what the second hand market for them is so I will see what interest there is and go from there.
    there are also a couple of 9mm and 38 special dies etc as well, and a whole heap of brass of these two calibres.
    now to start reloading my own..........this could be fun!
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