Hiya, Bought this new app 18 months ago in Linlithgow, Scotland for a very formal shoot in Fife, I paid just a tad over 620 for the full suit. I wore it to a couple more shoots, then I got too big to wear the breeks comfortably,too tight on the waist... so, into the wardrobe it went where it's lain since then. I'm not into the "formal" stuff anymore, so combined with the weight thing, on here it is.. Both jacket and waistcoat fit me fine, and I'm now over a 42in chest.

It's a Seeland Seetax shooting suit, totally waterproof and breathable..consists of jacket, waistcot, and breeks.

Sizes are, Jacket, 41 chest,
Waistcot, 41in chest.
Breeks, 36in waist.

All in very good nick, and never been washed or dry cleaned. There is however one tiny pull on the underside of the seat.. caused no doubt by a thorn bush or fence. This measures app 1/2 in in length, but it doesnt go through to the Seetex fabric, and is not noticeable, in fact I only found it tonight on closely inspecting the breeks. This does not detract on the aesthetics, wearing, waterproofing or breathability of the breeks,. I'm just being honest.

Apologies for the rubbish pics, again, only got my phone right now.

Pics as follows guys.,..




The pull is directly under the 4cm mark on the tape,.

Looking for 325 for this suit posted. But will accept reasonable offers. This same type jacket ( secondhand) sold on the 17th on THAT site for 252, just to give an idea of worth. It's not advertised anywhere else...

First to state on here that they want it, gets it.

Cheers guys..