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Thread: S**** Afternoon!

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    S**** Afternoon!

    Got a knock at the door at 4pm.

    my wee cocker bitch escaped from the kennel and was killed on the road.

    She has never escaped once in her 10 years, leave the kennel open and she opts to stay! Not this time, she squeezed out a gap a ferret would struggle to fit.

    anyway she was hit by a car, I know the driver and he is in a hell of a state and certainly not a fast driver? Certainly not his fault.

    So feel very guilty, kids especially james (8) is gutted as he has been working her this season and grown up with her as "his" dog.

    Great wee dog, still had a couple of seasons in her, better go and have a dram.

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    Bad luck
    just off to the fridge myself. Sorry must hurt.

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    so sorry to hear your bad news, i hope it will ease with time



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    that's just the worst news, so sorry mate

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    Sorry to hear that. Really **** thing to happen.

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    Sorry to hear that mate not something to wish on anyone

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    Sorry to hear your sad new. Tragic

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    Completly gutted for you.
    Remember the good times you had together is the only advice I can give you. The memories will never fade, but the pain of the loss will.

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    Sorry to hear that, lost my last dog in an RTA. Thoughts are with your boy too.

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    Sorry to hear that BS. No point blaming yourself though, sometimes animals just do things that you can't predict.

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