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Thread: Load for 308

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    Load for 308

    Hi All
    My son has just purchased a Tikka m596 stainless synthetic in 308 so i would like to load some ammunition for him, i have some Fedral brass, 150gn Hornady interlocks and Fedral 210 primers, can anybody advise on the best powder to use,
    cheers Geoff

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    ive only used h4895 myself but wouldnt hesitate to recommend it

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    Have used vit n140 with good results on a hornady 150 gr bullet. I played around with the loading finding 43.1 gr the best, then altered length to 2.825. Four bullets at range, one hole!!

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    I use 45g of varget this works cant say about other powders, but its good in my sako, blaser hope this helps ATB Steve

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    I have used n140 too. Often between 44 and 45 with 150g btsp interlocks but up to 46 with Speer 150 flat base spitzer which was doing 2900 out of a minimum saami spec chamber

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    45 grain of n150 at 2.815 oal

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    + 1 to 45gr varget, works well for me!

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    i use VHIT N150 44.5grains with a mag primer with 150g interlocks
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    N140 is a solid go-to for the .308, likewise Varget but the N140 is quite a bit cheaper.
    N140 is very versatile in this cartridge and I found I could vary charges quite a lot without losing accuracy.

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    44.5gr N140 gives 2770fps for me with 150g interlocks in lapua brass
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