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Thread: double rifles

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    double rifles

    evening all .

    can any one point me in the right direction for a reasonably priced over under / ss rifle , ive been scouring the net but not much joy , a poke in the right direction would be grand !!

    cheers lee

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    Any good? all sxs/ou/breakbarrel

    Rossi .243 23" (R/H) 190 (New) South Wales
    Rossi Heavy Barrel .223 (R/H) 275 (S/H) Buckinghamshire
    Cogswell & Harrison Hammerless rook rifle .297/250 26" (R/H) 1350 (S/H) Northamptonshire
    Bettinsoli Express E. L 9.3x74R 22" (R/H) 1395 (New) Oxfordshire
    Bonehill, C. G. Rook & Rabbit hammerless .297/300 28" (R/H) 1600 (S/H) Northamptonshire
    Sabatti Doudble Rifle 6.5x55 23.5" (R/H) 1750 (S/H) Worcestershire
    Fabarm Asper Express Rifle 9.3x74R 22" (R/H) 2100 (New) Worcestershire
    Foerster 8x57 (R/H) 2200 (S/H) Somerset
    Blaser S2 LUXUS .30R Blaser 23.25" (R/H) 3250 (S/H) Somerset
    Krieghoff HUBERTUS .30-06 23.5" (R/H) 3600 (S/H) Somerset
    Beretta 689 GOLD SABLE 9.3x74R 24" (R/H) 3600 (S/H) Somerset
    Browning HERSTAL 9.3x74R 24" (R/H) 4200 (S/H) Somerset
    Browning CCS25 B25 9.3x74R 24" (R/H) 6250 (S/H) Hertfordshire
    Browning CCS 25 with 20G shotgun barrels 8mm x 57 JS 26.5" (R/H) 6500 (S/H) Northamptonshire
    Westley Richards Boxlock Non Ejector .476 Nitro 26" (R/H) 8750 (S/H) Oxfordshire
    Blaser Mohammed Double Rifle 9.3x62 (R/H) 21495 (S/H) Essex
    Churchill, E. J. Africa Boxlock Ejector .470 Nitro Express 22.5" (R/H) 28950 (New) Oxfordshire

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    Even better


    Calibre options: 308 W, 30-06, 7 x 57R, 7 x 65R, 7.62 x 53R, 8 x 57JRS, 9.3 x 74R

    FINN CLASSIC 512 SC 1309

    FINN CLASSIC 512 SD (with game scene engraving.) 1350

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    Hi A J Brown of Carlise has a very nice as new Franchi double O/U rifle in 30-06 in stock, I think it is 1600. the Walnut stock has superb figuring.



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    cheers for the advice ! just fancied something different than the usual b/a , of which i already have with my tikka t3 6.5x55 se , any body know how they handle ? any different than a b/a ?



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    They're heavy, man!

    Put my posh socks on some time ago and managed to get my hands on a Heym. Phew! What a beauty, but talk about heavy. Be prepared for +10lbs even before the optics go on.

    You might have a problem finding a suitable suppressor.

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    well Ive been looking at the Baikal range of over / under rifles in 30-06 from york guns , they seem reasonably priced and quite nice looking as far as baikal's go !
    if there anything like the shot guns you will be able to use them all day and then use the stock to dig the hole for the gralloch with out damaging !
    i think ill give one a go and see how i get on with it !
    any suggestions on optics sizes ? i was thinking along the lines of 6x42 S&B thinking 8x56 being a little big !

    cheers lee 8)

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    Looking forward to hear how you get on!

    The ARTEMIDA looks the business. Suddenly find myself tempted again!!!

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    your right , just had a look at the artemida does look ! im off to get some prices tomorrow , will keep you posted !


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    your right , just had a look at the artemida does look ! im off to get some prices tomorrow , will keep you posted !


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