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Thread: Drip trays for bottom of fridge / chiller?

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    Drip trays for bottom of fridge / chiller?

    Where do I get reasonable priced tray to use in the bottom of my drinks chiller? I'm sure there must be some novel ideas out there from the SD folks?? Dimensions are 500mm x 500mm...

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    I use an old meat roasting tray, it's large enough and deep enough to do the job nicely. Have a look in the bottom of the oven and see what won't be missed .


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    my carcass trays are developing dishes from my photographic dark room robust for my roe and for big enough for my chiller heres a similar set off flea bay,you can get all sizes the biggest i have is a mtr square
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    You can get gratnell trays from office suplliers in a4 and a3 size that might fit in, link below has them on but doubt you will want 12 but gives you an idea of what I am on about

    gratnell trays

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    My trays are old sandwich trays that you get when a catering company supplies lunch for training days etc.

    You can get these in Booker & Costco .

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    I bought two round serving trays for 5 each from ikea, problem is SWMBO keeps nicking them, and complaining about the blood stains!
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