Ruger 77/22 allweather in .22 lr
Sak mod.
High rings
Bushnell 3-9x 40 scope.
Leather sling
PH copy bipod and spigot.
2x ruger 10 round mags.
Gun bag.
200 rounds ammo.
Front factory sling loop removed for spigot.
300 posted to your dealer,250 collected

Savage model 10 in 243
Standard stock and Choate ultimate varmint stock(complete)
Burris high rings
300 posted to your dealer or 250 collected

BSA CF2 in 243 BUT! the barrel is knackered.
I bought it to rebarrel but circumstances have conspired against me.
Good stock,good action,parker hale rings.Needs new base screw(6x48 countersunk)
150 posted to your dealer or 100 collected
Everything must go.