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Thread: 12 YO Staffie dog looking for a new family

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    12 YO Staffie dog looking for a new family

    A long shot I know, and a very sad thing to have to do but due to emigrating in Jan I am looking for a new home for my family pet dog.

    Neo is a KC reg Staffordshire Bull Terrier, he is 12 years old and is looking for a loving family to look after him in his dotage. He is super friendly and has been around children all his life. We got him as a 8 wk pup when my youngest was still crawling and he has been a faithful lad the whole time. He is getting on a bit now and only needs short walks on the lead as he stiffens up a bit when he over does it; despite this he is robust and healthy. He gets on with other dogs but it seems that most dogs don't like him for some reason so I would say he would need a home where he would be the centre of attention with lots of fuss from humans and with no other dogs. He is an intact male (but doesn't wander/hump etc), is up to date with all his vaccines and is wormed/flea'd etc.

    Neo is a very loved member of our our family but we don't think the flight, quarantine and 30+ deg heat will be the best thing for him. We are looking for someone to take him on and love him. My wife would want home visits to vet any potential new family as she and the kids will be absolutely devastated and will want to know where he is going.

    If you know you would be able to help or know someone else who will, please pm me. We are located in York but will travel reasonable distances for the right family.

    Billy no guns.

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    He looks a nice dog for is age, good luck and hope you find a good home for him.

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    lovley looking dog mate. Hope you find him a new home!

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    Must be a hard decision. Staffs are about the most rewarding breed you can own as a family pet (if I don't say so myself). Ours is 9 now and has been my hunting companion from as soon as I could teach him to sit still. Ours is also good with other dogs. It goes without saying that they are brilliant with kids. I really hope you find someone who understands him.

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    +1 on everyones comments, hope you find a good home for him he's a lovely looking chap! Would love to help out but have four here already, best of luck though

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    Heres a different view and its not meant to be provocative, just my strong belief: I understand where you are coming from, but doesn't he deserve better? He is 12, and you are going to struggle to gt anyone to take him on. He hasn't got long in real terms, that's the truth. Age related illnesses etc are going to set in and will simply put people off.

    hes been with you for life, take him with you and let him see out his days with the family he's known all his life.

    i took my lab overseas and it was the best decision I made, for her, for the family and for me.

    suffer the cost, you know it's the right thing to do .....!

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    Don't make the mistake of thinking we haven't given this any thought biffo.
    Billy no guns.

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    I'm afraid I am with Biffo on this one,I couldn't possibly leave either of my dogs and go abroad and they are only 5yrs,he will be devastated if he is left here even if the family are what you want and appear perfect.I feel very sad for him and your family for feeling you have to make this decision.Good luck abroad by the way,and I would love to think that 'Neo' would get to enjoy what time he does have left with the family he loves so much.Just saying that's pressure.

    Martin(Big/Ugly/Soft Ba5tard)

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    A dog is for life just my thoughts regards biker1

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    Could we please refrain from de-railing from the purpose of the OP's original post? I'm sure he has thought long and hard about it...

    Good looking boy Treacle Trackpad, shame I didn't live closer and have a girlfriend that would let me.

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