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Thread: Royal hill stags - where to go?

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    Royal hill stags - where to go?

    I need to organise some stalking and the guys want to shoot a couple of really, really good red stags - preferably 12+ pointers - as well as a couple of nice representative stags over a four or five day period.

    They also want the full trad' Scottish hill stalking experience with garrons, tweed-clad ghillies etc and would like to stay in a castle with good food and power showers. Both guys are fighting fit, experienced hunters and are happy to work hard for their animals. Budget very flexible...

    Can anyone recommend any stalking estates that may have few days in Sept/Oct 2013 (or in 2014) that can offer the right quality of beast and experience. Somewhere with some decent roe stalking would be a bonus if they both get luck on day one or two. I'm struggling to find somewhere that is shooting anything other than standard cull animals.



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    Hi I spoke with this guy whilst recently booking my own and a freinds trip he offers a good package , in the end I went with someone else , but if its trophy hunting your after this guy below could be your best bet . They do the full package including accommodation and pickups .
    Dunmhor Sporting, Highland Stalking Scotland, Rough Shooting and Hunting Scotland, Stalking Scotland Red Deer Stag and Walked Up Shoots Red deer stalking in Scotland and Roe deer stalking in Scotland - a comprehensive guide to red deer and roe deer stalking trips in Scotland and how to organise deer stalking in Scotland

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    There are plenty of big stags in Strathconon (where I live) - There are three main stalking estates in the glen. Fairburn, Strathconon & Scardroy. Google them & see where it takes you.
    Fabulous scenery, major red stag forest towards the west, red hinds roe & sika towards the eastern end. Salmon & trout fishing.


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    You could do worse than glenforsa on Mull, pure, native red stags. 12 pointers a little ones

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    Not many places that let use garrons, Blair Atholl do,Country Sports on Atholl Estates - Contact Us

    I don't think Corrour have ponies anymore.

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    I would stay away from Dunmhor sporting if I were you. The guy [Graham Christie) is a chancer. He probably has some satisfied punters, but I know for a fact he has a lot who are not. I used to work with him and have no issues with him, but know some of the stunts he's pulled. If I were you I would go direct to an estate, try Dalnacardoch or Gaick.

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    You could try Invercauld or Glentanner

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    Quote Originally Posted by 308boy View Post
    You could do worse than glenforsa on Mull, pure, native red stags. 12 pointers a little ones
    Booked here for next year. Very highly recommended to me hence the booking. Been going to mull for a few years but this will be the first stag. Really looking forward to it!

    Don't think they have a castle though

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    I don't think Corrour have ponies anymore.[/QUOTE]

    no theyve replaced them with choppers! couldnt resist!

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    Try ardnamurchan estate they have some of the biggest heads in Scotland and a castle ,but I'm not sure about tweed clad stalkers ,maybe nomad?

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