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Thread: Has this got some sika in it?

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    Has this got some sika in it?

    Since a trip up to Scotland last year and friend and I have long pondered the strange antler growth on his 'red stag'. It was an interesting stag for my friend to shoot as it only has one antler the other is hanging down like a mars bar and on boiling it out it was completely detached. However the good antler to me shows some sika traits but I have not had much experience with sika nor with hybrids It has 4 points, the brow tine points upwards not outwards at 90 degrees as reds do. I believe all sika points 'on top' point inwards from the main beam, as this does. But in weight and size it was as big as the red stag I shot, pictured hanging up my red on the right the 'different one' in the middle and a small fallow pricket on the left. Maybe a few kg's between them put nothing substantial.

    Ok so some photos! The first one is typical of Gez.308 jumps in just before the picture is taken, but that doesn't explain what the guide is doing in the back of the photo??!!!!!!!!!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It may well be it is just an odd antlered eer but my friend shoots lots of reds and has never seen a brow tine like that and it was that that is the odd bit! For info it was shot near Blairgowrie, Scotland, where we were told there were no Sika anywhere near.

    Thoughts welcome!

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    I dont' think so mate, I think it's just abnormal growth patters which can arise for various reasons. I shot one not dissimilar to that this year but without the mars bar.

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    There is nothing about the head that to me shows similar traits to a sika stag.

    Was there any sign of pronounced metatarsal glands on the rear legs at all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamross65 View Post
    Was there any sign of pronounced metatarsal glands on the rear legs at all?
    Not that we can remember.

    Cheers chaps, the body as I said looked like red through and through, just an odd head!

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    doesnt look like it
    but I would keep that chap in the striped t-shirt away from the back end or it looks like it might have something else "in it" if you are not careful!

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    Perhaps that why he not only blanked but didn't even see a deer? Trying to shoot them with his 'personal' single barrelled pump action..........

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    I'd agree, pure red stag. Good one to get off the hill all the same.

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    well after not shooting anything i had to amuse myself in some way!

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