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Thread: Another type of foxing light

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    Another type of foxing light

    With so much of the day being dark in this part of the country I got the idea of using this for foxing, we have the light anyway, didn't buy it specially.

    I set it near a spot I bait or on a known fox run and sit comfy in my vehicle, well as comfy as you can be on a cold night with the window open.
    There are security lights around where foxes frequent on my shoot so they are pretty used to them. It goes something like this..
    Charlie wanders along to where he/she has had a free meal previously or walks along a familiar run, a light comes on which is a bit of a puzzle for them and makes them pause long enough for me to turn their lights out.

    It doesn't say on the webpage but it's battery powered, 4 C cells I think. The sensitivity is good and light output is pretty good too. As it uses leds the battery useage isn't bad,best to use rechargeables though.
    Not an advert for b q , just an example, there are lots of other battery sensor lights on the market.


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    Really pleased I'm not the only one thinking this way....!! I use this one - and as it's solar powered, I need to visit it less (so not leaving trace on the ground) - just topping up the middens every once in a while. Took a while to get the stake right (height etc.) and I'm now toying with two so it covers as much of a 360 radius of motion as possible....light output isn't huge, but then it's less of a shock to them and you still get a silhouette.
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