The Isle of Lewis off the west coast of Scotland is said to have between 1200 and 2000 trout lochs and is famous across the world for its salmon fishing with the 2012 season proving to be a bumper year for the salmon.

Dollag's Cottage situated on the West Side of Lewis in the crofting village of South Shawbost is the ideal base for a fishing holiday on the island:

Dollag's Cottage at 7 South Shawbost

The wandering trout angler has the choice of an almost infinite number of trout lochs with the majority of them offering free fishing. It is simply a case of spreading the map on the floor and picking the loch, or lochs, you want to fish for the day. Anglers can chose to fish close by the road, indeed there are 3 lochs within minutes walk of the front door of the cottage, or they can decide to walk many miles across the moor to remote lochs which may not have seen an angler in many years. One of the great joys of Lewis trout fishing is the freedom to do as you please and the choice of many hundreds of lochs and the visiting angler will think he has arrived in fishing paradise.

Lewis also has some world famous salmon fishing. Grimersta, with 333 fish for one rod week as their record, and Amhuinnsuidhe are world famous and guests travel from across the globe to fish there. There are also many other estates on the island with excellent salmon and although some are not so famous as the likes of Grimersta they can produce decent numbers of fish. On Lewis, given reasonable weather conditions, the talk at the end of the day is not about who caught a salmon for the day but rather is usually about how many each angler caught. Near to Dollag's Cottage there is a river and some lochs which have free salmon fishing and there is a reasonable chance of a salmon given good water conditions. For the most part, however, the visitor will have to pay for salmon fishing but it is usually possible to get access to some remarkable fishing at a very reasonable price, often in the most dramatic of settings, and unlike many areas if the conditions are reasonable then the angler stands a good chance of a fish and a day of 5 or more fish is a real possibility rather than just a pipe dream.

For a little blog, with lots of photos, detailing 3 weeks spent fishing for trout and salmon based in Dollag's Cottage please take a look at the following link:

Dollag's Cottage at 7 South Shawbost

A remote trout loch:

A picnic by the salmon river:

A wonderful day on Loch Voshimid at Amhuninnsuidhe: