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Thread: So you breed budgies eh

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    So you breed budgies eh

    Linked are pics of a few budgies in the Mecca of budgiedom.

    Budgerigars flock - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
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    Yes, and the yellow mutation of your Turquoisene Parrakeet.
    I rung 94 baby Budgies last year and so far this year 79 but I have more `pinkies` hatching at the moment.
    I have kept Budgies since 1956 and have studied their genetics and DNA.

    Whilst Budgerigars are green in the wild I have mixed mutations such as Yellow-faced Albinos, Piebald violet and white birds with white or yellow faces, Skyblues, Cobalts, Normal Violets, Spangles etc.
    I am not interested in show birds but mainly in producing pretty birds for my own pleasure with a surplus to sell to fund my hobby.
    Last week I sold 15 to a dealer, a poorish price from him but enough to buy 100 Kilos of seed.
    I have 5 aviaries and 18 breeding units.
    Below is a picture of a part red-fronted yellow mutation Turquoisene Parrakeet hen. The more colourful cock-bird is in the background.

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    Phew!,is that on account of all those budgie smugglers in Oz ? .


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    I should not think so as there is a ban on exporting their native species.
    Consequently some of the rarer Australian parrakeets are very expensive often running into many hundreds of pounds each.
    The small yellow Turquoisenes are each worth 30 or so here and worth breeding.


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    I once saw a flock like that in WA about 20 years ago, we were driving and they crossed the road about 75 yards in front of us, then they sort of wheeled in mid air and they all changed colour at one, it was a magic moment.

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    Hell that's a lot of Trill to go through.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DavieH View Post
    Hell that's a lot of Trill to go through.

    Aye, if it was boxed Trill the price would be prohibitive but most of our bulk seed comes in 20 kg. bags via Bucktons or Johnstone and Jeff.


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