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Thread: Calibre suggestions for Bison

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    Calibre suggestions for Bison

    Any suggestions on suitable calibre for Bison ?

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    Bow and Arrow, Spear
    Sorry sticks I just couldn't let that go
    I have no personal experience of Bison but would have thought a well placed heavy bullet,180gn or above, in .308 or 30-06 would do the trick.
    Obviously anything larger would also be suitable 9.3 etc

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    having been up close and personal with some european bison
    i would say the bigger the better
    i reckon a 30-06 with 180grain
    would probaly be as small as i would like for the job but would feel more at ease with a bit more knockdown from a .375
    they are quite big animals but not sure how tough they are in the rib cage area
    what does your chosen outfitter recommend?

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    Not that it matters but which species are you refering to. American or European Bison ?

    Either way they are large animals and although I have personally never taken one I would go for a 375 H&H, or 300Win Mag.

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    I think calibres such as 7x64 30-06 8x57 should be enough.


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    It's not always the size of an animal which suggests what calibre you use and i do wish folk would get away from that concept (because our beloved PC plods use the same daft principle that de facto - a larger calibre is always more dangerous than a smaller calibre).
    Best example is our Japanese Sika which although smaller than our red deer are much, much tougher and can carry shot. By contrast, despite the massive size of European Moose - they are only 'tough' by virtue of their body weight and .308, .270 are quite capable of knocking them down without going to magnum calibres which some folk might assume .

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    like i said earlier
    personally i think the bigger the better with these as they are quite capable of breaking through 6 + inch saplings with out any ill effect even sfter they hav been shot
    just hope you are not stood in the way
    a lot of the time it is bullet placement that counts, but having a bigger thump surely must help when penatrating such a big shell with all the bone and muscle to contend with
    i would think if after dangerous game then surely a sensible calibre would suffice for that knockdown effect
    i know a .243 is capable of killing a Lion, but would you take that as a weapon of choice on such a hunt???
    while in poland boar stalking, earlier this year
    i took a morning off from hunting to visit the area where the Bison hung out
    i was lucky, and so was the dog i think.. :nilly:

    we also got up close and personal, about 30 yards

    size of the hoof

    they were pretty big beasts
    even my hunting guide stay behind me,he said they were like steam trains and did not think twice about breaking through the thick cover all
    i had to do was run faster than him
    i even managed to get up close and personal to this little beauty about 15-20 yards

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    fantastic pictures stone ! having no real expereience of these fellas i would have to say bigger the better too , i would prob say 180-220 grain 30-06 shoud do nicely !

    cheers lee

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    .308 is a good calibre for moose. I've shot one or two. If i was hunting Bison i think i would be looking at something in the 9.3 range. Bison look a bit of a tougher animal than the Moose.
    Stone, Moose at Twenty Mtrs . The blood things have been coming in my garden and eating my last apple tree.

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    A pal of mine has had to shoot Muskox in Norway [they come out of the permitted zone, down into villages] he uses a 30-06. Bufalo are similar size and build so I would go with 30-06.

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