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Thread: what makes a medal

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    what makes a medal

    as above i have two roe heads that since having a quick look on the cic site i think my make medals one is cut and weighs 380 grams the other is full skull and weighs 600 grams what i dont know is what other factors come into the scoring of heads and what can i deduct myself to try and weigh up if its worth bothering sending them off to be measured

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    Put some pics up Swatty and how long have they been drying for?


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    If they have dried out for 90 days the cut one may be a Bronze and the uncut one a Gold.
    It is a mistake to cut a Roe head prior to measuring as if too much scull has been removed you are a loser.
    90 gramms are deducted from an uncut scull in the formula.


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    I had a head that was 610 after being boiled and cleaned out, after it dried for the 90 days it went to 570 which gave me a high silver, and i had one which was 540 and dried out at 490 and just scraped a low silver. Also had one that dried out at 510 and only made bronze. (these were all full skull weights)

    It takes into account the weight, volume (in water), length, and width. You do get beauty points as well for colour, cornets, pearling, tines and regularity but most of your points will come from weight
    and volume.

    But just going on the weight i would think your big one would make gold and your small one a bronze as stag1933 said.

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    thanks for the help both heads are dry they have been in the shed with my others for a couple of years one was shot 08 and the other in 2010 like i said i never really thought much of them till i saw a silver my mate got length wise one is 25.4 cm and 16 cm wide the other bigger one is 27.4 cm long but is narrower width wise but he has really heavy pearling i think that my smaller head will fall short of bronze just a gut feeling and the big one may just scrape silver but i think ill send them off to get measured after all it carnt hurt thanks for all your help cheers Brian

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    Get them measured by an approved CIC judge as your `gut feeling` is not incorporated in the formula.


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    yes i think ill get them sent of to cic first chance i get thanks for the help

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    i had a roe of 466gms but volume of 240 so got gold, i would say volume plays a big part

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