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Thread: Red Deer Stalking - Is this a good price?

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    Red Deer Stalking - Is this a good price?

    Just found this ad online, and was wondering if it sounded like a good deal. I know there are red deer in that part of the country, but obviously without more knowledge of the area and the number of deer in it, it is a bit of a 'how long is a piece of string' type question, even so, going by what the ad says, what would you think?

    Worth a punt?

    There are roughly 10 DKK to the pound. Sorry about the Google translation.....

    Red deer hunting "On the free hunting district"

    For rent on weekend basis. This is a unique opportunity to hunt for deer and the area is approx. 20 hectares. "No fences" with clover, olieræddiker, pine forest, lake and a small shelter.
    The established 3 pcs. high seats, and a ladder can be freely used, the area adjacent to the state forest Damhus plantation at Ulfborg.

    Weekend rental from Friday noon to Sunday evening (hours) per. shooter DKK 2500.00 in real space rent.

    Besides: Price per. red deer taken.

    Calf DKK 750.00
    Hind DKK 1550.00
    Stag DKK 2500.00
    Meat and trophy goes naturally you.

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    Not sure about the price (sounds expensive to me for what it is) - but 20 hectares isn't exactly massive, will be more sitting up a tree than stalking I reckon...
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    Thats not even 50 acre.
    Next time your in Scotland give me a PM and i'll take you for a day on the does if you buy me a couple of pints.
    Don't waste your money trying to stalk 50 acre for reds.

    If your desperate for reds, try Jimmy Taylor from the site. . . . a more decent chap you won't meet.
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    Thanks Cadex, I'm definitely up for that. I'll even bring a bottle of something to go with the pints!

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    Apart from the shelter it sounds identical to a small piece of ground I have permission to shoot on (40 acres, 3 high seats, small pond). On my permission there is only the occasional fallow passing through. The price that they are asking is far too much.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I think it is redicolous overpriced offer, ( as much hunting sadly are in Denmark), do not even consider it.



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    So just out of interest what is considered a good/fair price?

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    I paid 260 for 2 red hinds & 60 for one carcas in Isle of Arran, enjoyed the stalk very much....

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