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Thread: 6.5x55 brass

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    6.5x55 brass

    50 Remington brass cartridge cases, 6.5x55, once fired and once reloaded, decapped and tumbled.
    15.00 posted

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    Hi wondered if the 6.5 x 55 brass is still available. If so let Me know how to pay You, look forwards to hearing from You.
    Regards, Weimar.

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    The add is from over 3 years ago and the seller has not been on the site in the last 18 months, think it's fair to say it's not still available.

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    PM me if you are still after 6.5x55 brass, I have around 80-100 once fired Norma cases happy to send on via my courier but will be new year now.

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    Hi if you still have brass I will take them what price if avaliable
    Atb tom

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    I've bought foxy dave's brass

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