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Thread: any ideas ?

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    any ideas ?

    i have owned a few differnt centre fire rifle calibers over the years (.222 .223 .243 .308) and i cant work out for the life of me why the whop off my .308 when the bullet hits home is the most quite ? i know its a trivial but it bugs the hell out of me i would of thought it would have been the loudest. the only explanation that i can think off is either the bullet is slower and that is the answer or that the soft point bullets are quiter on impact than the ballistic tips i used before any ideas anyone?

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    I can only tell you that it is to do with the speed of the round. as you know 308 is slow and hence when you put a sound mod on it is quieter than say a .22-250 which is a fast round so makes alot more of muzzle crack. a .17hmr is alot louder than a .22 as a .22 is subsonic alot slower than a .17hmr or .222 so with a mod can be very quiet as it has a very low muzzle crack. don't know the science behind it though. I'm sure someone will.

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    I may be wrong but . . .

    All your high velocity and frangible rounds will be expending their energy almost as soon as they strike their target and some of that energy will dissipate as sound. The slower, more robust .308 will take longer to transfer its energy, by which time it will be deeper within the body and the resultant shock waves more likely to be absorbed by the surrounding tissues. Hence we find that ligher, faster and frangible rounds 'splat' their energy almost upon impact whereas slower, heavier and robust rounds 'thump' the equivalent energy deeper within the body. Aye?

    Please, anybody, correct me if I'm wrong.


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