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Thread: Nptc quad course

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    Nptc quad course

    I am trying to get a course sorted in December, there are 2 of us a the minute but we need 3 as a minimum and up to 6 will be held at skipton North Yorkshire. So if anybody is interested send us a pm.



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    How much Andy?

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    Any dates in mind

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    As soon as have a third person I will give them a ring to sort out a date to suit everybody.



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    Interested Andy where in North Yorkshire

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    you can count me in Andy, is it any cheaper if more book in .
    I could probably find a couple more to fill the course
    PM me and i will discuss further

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    let me know - Skipton based already.

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    About time Muddy!!

    It's well worth doing trust me, Besides..... you'll see more deer driving the quad than you will the way you stalk......the quad's slower!!

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