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Thread: Foxing last week Sat & Sun

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    Foxing last week Sat & Sun

    A few lines to tell you about last Saturday & Sundays evenings foxing . I try to get out as much as possible I’m not a big fan of sitting in the house watching TV and my misses is pretty understanding at my love of hunting.
    I try and get out a couple of evenings a week (work depending) and normally have a good success rate, my rifle of choice is my beloved (pimped) Rem .204 using the 32gr SBK these are given me 3920fps and will give me ” groups all day , I use a Olight SR50 torch as my main lamping light and a NightMaster 800 on red LED as my rifle light, I am a big fan of LED lights & love the flat shooting low recoil .204.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2012-09-2022.26.12.jpg 
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ID:	21783 This is my pimped .204 with NM800 attached .

    I sometimes go out on my own ,with my father and also with Ade (270wsm ) off SD
    On Saturday I managed to convince Ade to give up a romantic cosy night in with Helen to come out with me instead . The weather for the evening was dry and cold (my favourite ) I tend to start the foxing outings at a local chicken farm it’s a matter of only 1 Minute away from where we live and has been very fruitful with foxes , the good thing about this place is its very user friendly.

    You can cover 90% of the farm from one point which is very handy as you can stand by the truck with a cuppa while the caller does its magic, while the caller was on Ade and myself were having a little chinwag catching up on life. Nothing had shown so time for a cuppa we were clattering about the truck looking for the flasks talking, coffee all pored I had a quick flash about & there sat 50m away was Mr fox wondering what the two noisy two legged things are.

    Quick flap by me put the cups down Ade gets the lamp I grabbed the rifle in doing so I breathed on the front lens and fog it up (its now -1deg C ) looked thought the scope and could see nothing apart from some eyes tried a quick wipe, lined up on the only part semi visible the eyes squeezed the trigger , then watched the fox run off . I was gutted proper school boy error on my part.

    Coffee drunk scope lens cleaned off to another location we did call in a fox but because of the rushes / reeds no shot could be taken. Off to a 3rd location as we pulled into the gateway of the field Ade had a quick look with the lamp as I got myself and the rifle sorted.

    Instantly Ade is telling me there’s a fox in the field I get to him and see a set of eyes a long way off, quick rest on gate post looking through scope on x12 mag and fox still looks small I give a quick blast on the caller to hold it , line it up take a quick exhale go steady then take the shot .
    Through the scope I see the hit and see the fox go down but it takes an age to hear the impact “thump “ I then see the fox doing a proper flapping fish impression for couple of seconds & go down again (I later ping the distance on the RF it was 298m from firing point to field hedge and fox was just shy of 10m off hedge so roughly a 290m shot )

    Satisfied it was down we make our way into the field towards the shot fox 50m in Ade has a flash about and we see a set of eyes close to where the 1st fox was shot.
    I could of kicked myself, running through my head was I should of put a 2nd shot into the fox , and its going to run off we will have to get the dogs to follow up etc…
    I put up the tripod sticks Ade lights up the fox , through the scope I see the fox sat upright just looking at us quartering away , cross hairs on its chest and squeeze the trigger . I instantly see the fox just collapse then hear a good solid “thwack” I know its dead .
    Ade moves the lamp and see’s another set of eyes close to the last fox look through the scope and see it’s the 1st fox shot its not dead its down and just doing some head raises I line it up in the scope and squeeze off the coup de gras .

    The two foxes were 30 odd meters apart a dog and vixen as the picture shows the dog was a real good size carrying plenty of weight the picture is Ade with the foxes, we estimate the 2nd fox was shot at 240m and the same for the coup de gras shot on the first fox off tripod sticks.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2012-11-1722.35.35.jpg 
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ID:	21784Ade with the brace of foxes .
    Off to another location as we get through the gateway Ade lights up a set of eyes quick blast on the caller to hold it , line it up but it’s a tad lamp shy and is moving away from the light , Ade gives it the universal fox stopping “OY” call this gives me the couple of seconds to take the shot again a good solid “thwack” and its down.

    On examining the fox it was a normal size dog fox nice and in healthy condition but had an old open bullet wound through the top of the jaw breaking some teeth that had rotted but the wound was healing ok .

    It was a pleasure to be out on a night like this the temp was 0 to -2 and not a cloud in the sky we saw dozens of shooting stars .

    Sunday night
    I went out the next evening (Sunday) this time I could not talk Ade into coming along he was adamant he was staying in with Helen for a romantic night.

    Instead I took my father he is recovering from major surgery and has good & bad days , today was a ok day but he couldn’t do much walking so lamping will be from truck and gateways .
    We got to the first location set up caller , rifle on back of the truck off shooting bags (I have a sports type back on truck that makes an ideal shooting platform perfect height)

    Called for 10 minutes saw nothing poured a cup of coffee took one sip(burnt my mouth thermal cups are great) then saw a set of eyes a good distance off called the fox in to about 170m there it stayed doing a meerkat impression in a dip in the ground . It was quite comical all the fox would show was its head and neck bobbing up and down over and over.

    I had a good solid rest off the truck I used my rifle lamp to illuminate the dip then gave a good squeak up pops the foxes head , lined up on the neck squeezed the trigger “thwack” one down . Tried my coffee but the thermal cup was too good and coffee still too hot so I walked down to recover the fox (vixen)
    Called off and on for a few minutes then saw another set of eyes coming in these went to exactly the same spot of the 1st fox and it was sniffing about , again a good solid rest perfect position and “thwack” 2nd fox down . By now my coffee was cool enough to drink so after this I recovered the 2nd fox it was in exactly the same spot as the 1st .
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2012-11-1821.45.52.jpg 
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ID:	21785The picture is of my father with the two foxes a good size dog fox.

    Off to a another field called for 4-5 minutes before a set of eyes was seen the fox ran not to the call but the centre of the field and sat down nice 150m shot off the sticks .

    The picture of this one is in the back of the truck it doesn’t show it too well but he was a real big dog fox biggest of the night . Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2012-11-1822.15.08.jpg 
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ID:	21786

    So over the two nights 8 shots fired 1 miss 1 fox needing 2 shots - 4 x dog foxes 2 x vixens all were great condition.

    I have been foxing a few yrs and come to the conclusion that making coffee , rattling about the truck and talking brings in more foxes than any caller or bait.
    Hope you enjoyed the read, i enjoyed writting it sorry for picture quality as all were taken off my phone.

    p.s Ade thanks for all the evenings away from Helen you sacrifice....Neil
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    Griffshrek, good write up there fella.

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    Nice write up mate and well done

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    Good rite up enjoyed reading that

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    Thank you for the positive comments gents

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    Quote Originally Posted by griffshrek View Post
    Thank you for the positive comments gents
    sounds like a cracking weekend, what calls were you using,cheers

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    The calls i normally use a profox to stop the foxes/get their attention its a plastic call that hangs around my neck on a lanyard its nice and loud when needed and you can use it hands free, i do use this as well to call in foxes .

    On the weekend and for last few outings i have mostly use a mouse squeak and high pitch squeals these tend to be my go to calls that i get quite good results with. i these on my phone and use a small speaker to get better volume. At this time of year i will also use vixen or dog fox calls especially if you hear a them calling .

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    Thanks for your reply, I have a FoxPro spitfire, have you tried the vixen mating call with any success or do you just use the vixen barks,cheers

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    i cant afford a foxpro i use the profox its a small plastic reed type thingy that you blow on and can change the pitch and volume by biting down & blowing harder softer . my main call is my phone and i run this through a small speaker .

    if i hear a vixen calling i will use a dog fox call and vice versa, or if nothing calling try either and see what either comes in or responds , be careful of the wind direction its very important

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