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Thread: Job - Possible foot inthe door?

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    Job - Possible foot inthe door?

    Might suit someone, wanting to get a start in the North

    Estate Worker Job in Kyle - Your Job

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    Have you seen the list of desireable and must have qualifications, must be at least equivalent to a good degree . Good opportunity for someone though.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Sounds a good opertunity, If i didnt have a ten day old son i would prob apply as im currently an estate worker. Good luck to whoever applys.

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    Sounds like you would need a phone box so you could change into your superman suit

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    Does an estate worker really require a HGV licence?

    Thats a lot of requirements in there.

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    They are just covering as many scenarios as possible, maybe they have a cattle float or low loader for an excavator, having an HGV is a valuable thing.

    Most keepers/farmers will have turned their hand to these jobs at some point, although probably don't have tickets. It's very much jack of all trades nowadays.
    I keep banging on at students to highlight their "transferable skills", these skills could easily save an employer £1000s every year.

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    Might be a foot in the door it might not be. Theres a lot of politics on some estates and some stalkers might not like to have someone muscling in on their territory (as they would see it). Don't like to be negative but if someone was pinning there hopes on this as a stepping-stone to a career in stalking then its probably more of a gamble than they think. On the other hand if you wanted to be in beautiful surroundings, liked groundswork and a little involvement now and then with the deer then it might be the perfect job.

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    I bet the management company (based in Knightsbridge) who are recruiting on behalf of their client will be getting comission near to a year's salary for this highly skilled worker.
    I wonder if the successful candidate (after several weeks) was not up to the job. would he get a year's salary, plus private medical insurance etc like the ex BBC director general?????????
    They don't even say what the salary will be.

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    The management company is owned by the estate owner, as is Dubai!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NickJ View Post
    The management company is owned by the estate owner, as is Dubai!
    No excuse for not paying a decent living wage then

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