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Thread: Venison Price Drop

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    Venison Price Drop

    Game dealer has just said price for Venison was now 80p per lb
    instead of 1.10lb. Not worth selling it hardly.

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    Still drawing 3 pound per kilo

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    Still getting 1.30 per pound (2.80 per kg) up here yesterday with no sign of it dropping. Is that for reds now the hinds are open or is that for all venison in general?

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    That's all venison I'm south east and a mate said his dealer has done same the market has been flooded supposedly

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    Yeah thats defo a crap price for roe then lordy, i did think the red would maybe go down when the hinds opened but no sign of it yet up here so were still getting 1.30 for everything.

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    Up here its 2.20kg for red and 2.50kg for roe up until Christmas then the price is going to drop.


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    I bet their still knocking it on at the same price

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    2.42/kg today for fallow

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    I would be having a look around Lordy, see what others are paying in your area. that seems very low

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    Just stop selling it to the game dealers for a while, simples !
    Most dealers just sell it on to another dealer for profit anyway.
    try and market it yourself.

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