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    Found you

    Well hello there

    The weather is closing in and I might have to hide away for a bit but don't fret you lot I'll be seeing you come spring.

    Its beena busy year so far.

    my friends have spent time on most of you or your dogs

    Personally I was up close and personal with one 'member' of this sight

    My journey started on his sock and I had a long trek along a scrawny leg

    I then reached a dense forest patch before reaching a clear path.

    This was a very short path that led to a purple patch where I decided to 'tuck in'

    I would have been happy to stay but I was getting a right beating every night and was glad when I was plucked from my host by someone called 'the mrs'

    I just want to thank paul at barony for looking after me during our 'short' get together and I look forward to meeting him again soon

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    Me and the kids
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    what a nob .
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    Welcome to the site, some introduction that, could you please give us a bit more info it would be helpful

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