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Thread: 4 out of five, & a hatrick of boar in a row.

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    4 out of five, & a hatrick of boar in a row.

    I spoke to Colin (Solway stalker) they other day I mentioned that I was at a loose end again this week, and would he have me over for another boar stalk. Much to my delight Colin was more than happy and mentioned that the new seat that we sat last time over new ground had been turned into a mine field by the boar, I didn't need a second invite.
    Back up the M-6 yesterday, Colin asked me to arrive a little earlier to witness the recent destruction that the boar had caused. When folk say like a heard of elephants, for get it after yesterday what I seen it has become a saying a "heard of boar".
    Met up at agreed place and time. We drove to the new place again and WOW th destruction that the boar had caused from my last visit only the other week was totally unbeleviable, In all honesty it looked like it had been ploughed by machines for their first time.
    Got into the seat approx 16:30, the recent rain was unbeleivable but the wind was in our favour. Got settled and patiently waiting then the rain came again to about 18:20, then I thought write lets seriously concentrate now, (remembering my last outing and the time). Within minutes the moon became clear from the clouds being visable about 50/50, I had doubts straight away as the moon was in the boars favours with it shining towards us. I thought right lower my head and not to reveal my eyes incase they see the reflection. It was quite still the wind blowing towards us. Not a noise to be heard and trying secretly to look for boar shadows.
    From 18:30 to 22:30 time seemed to go so fast even though I had my head sunk between my shoulders and listening for the noise of the boar coming into our view.
    The cold and the damp had started to take effect on me, shivering started to happen approx 21:30 and I remember my mrs saying to me two boar in a row is awesome but to try and get three in a row (hatrick) you will be lucky so don't be dissapointed, but in Colin and myself I kept every faith, stalking aint over to its over. I aint greedy but I never give up.
    At 22:40 I honestly thought no Its not happening toight, but what the hell still had a great time and company and another worth while stalk and experiance.
    Then the hevens opened again and I thought right I'll sit this out then thats it I've had enough. I honestly thought right I havn't heard anything so I'll just grad my head torch and pack up. But I thought have a look nothing lost on with the night vision.
    Then I seen what appered to be two legs with a undercarage facing me, I wasn't sure about this as I hadn't heard anything but I remeber carefully examine the groud before hand to remeber any obstaicles that may appear.
    Those legs moved and I remember thinking wow I never heard that coming at all, even thinking is this a boar.
    Suddenly I switch the night vision on to second stage and i soon realised that it was a boar due to the size facing me front on both eyes staring at me as it noticed it. Sxxt I thought game over, but then I caought a glimpse of a bright light quickly moved towards the right and wow what I seen was imense this boar was easily undoutably huge. The reason his left eye shown up to what seem insize to a dinner plate in the night vision, sxxt I thought and wow thats amazeing and thats one big beast but he turned and showed his rear end. (A tank will be needed to take this from its ground if culled) End of I thought but quickly turned left and the my first spotting boar was still there facing me to some degree. I suddenly thought that these will both bolt, but then it turned full broadside and with out thinkng and the cross hairs placed for a clear neck shot my finger was giving the trigger a instruction, BOOM a round was sent on its was and I never heard a noise again, remaining calm and collective and my experiance I stayed on where I taken my shot, the boar had dropped on the spot.
    I instanly thought wow I can't beleive that the volume of rain that we have had that I never heard them, I repeated that several times thinknig was I concentrateing properly. I thought how was that possiable of cousre the one that was culled wouldn't make a noise but the beast that I seen didn't make a noise in getting away how was that possoable..?? due to the rian that we have had etc...
    Anyway I confirmed to Colin that it was down and off to gather my O YES 4 OUT OF 5 BOAR AND 3RD BOAR IN A ROW. Colins face was a picture a pure delighful and welcoming smile from him.
    What a record and sure it is for me but what a record for Colin to hold also.
    The clean up process began and I remember telling Colin I can't beleive no noises where herad how on earth did they get down to us. This taught me never to give up and never to rely on obvious solutions. I totaly thought no boar tonight but what the hell with he record that I have I aint bothered.
    The boar weighed in 45kg a great carcass to take back to the weeman house hold to fill my freezer. I spoke to the mrs who was in bed and told her I'm on my way home with culling another boar. Shattered when I arrived back to HQ waiting for day light to appear. Up at the crack of a sparrows fart and the butchery began.
    A huge thanks to Colin not only for his time but for his honesty and experiance in conversations nothing better than listening to those that know best.
    I remember the first conversation that we had on my first stalk, boar stalking is a battle of the wits and those who shall remain the most settle, quietest motionless etc shall win. It is very intense in being placed kowing that you can only just about breath and as the clocks tick on but to never to give up and play tyhe boar in a silent game. Those who shall move in impatients will allow the boar to win belive me and never expect the expected to happen but reming calm and remeber what Colin guides you to do.
    The intensity is quite immense deer stalking is obsviously amazeing and you can see your targets, but this is a differnt ball game as you have to use your mind, and the level of concentarion that you have to use is some what else.

    I remember the thread that said highlights of 2012 well mine is the obvious 4 out of 5 and 3 boar in a row.

    I will post pictures on Monday as I will be on my normal PC, as this isn't mine.

    Thanks Colin can't thak you enough mate.

    P.S your feid craft skills will be put to a different level, higher intensity and its a battle of th witts.
    Can't wiat to pictures.

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    Well done Weeman Colin another happy customer well done mate

    ATB Paul D

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    what a jammy get.... leave some for the rest of us

    pics? ps well done
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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    what a jammy get.... leave some for the rest of us
    I kow I till can't stop grinning mate, for get the cat who got the cream I got a hat-trick on the boar. Is that a record for this country for wild boar...??? does anyone know.

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    pics? ps well done [/QUOTE]

    I will post pic's on Monday as I'm at work. Colin took some pictures also so he might put them on before I do.

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    Finally got round to doing the pics Martin, well done on your outings, also a pic of Dave with his roe
    the next morning
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20121123_000111.jpg 
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    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    Nice one lads good result


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