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Thread: SWANNDRI Mosgiel Bushshirt XL

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    SWANNDRI Mosgiel Bushshirt XL

    SWANNDRI Mosgiel Full Zip Front Bushshirt ........... SIZE XL

    Brand New with tags complete with hood

    RRP 169.99
    from Bush Wear

    Full Zip Design
    475gsm Pure Wool

    Size XL

    120 delivered to UK Addresses


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    A saveing of over 60 with postage

    Treat yourself for Christmas ....... you know you want to

    To describe the Mosgiel Bushshirt, it`s more like a coat than a shirt, length is to just above the knee, it has 2 hand warmer pockets, absolutely silent, really comfy to wear, the more you wear them the better they get, It will keep you dry to a point but being made of pure wool you wouldn`t wear it if it was tipping it down, It will keep you warm when its cold, and, keep you cool when it`s warm that`s the nature of the natural wool.

    I have a couple, the lace up front the Original I`ve had for about 12 years , and the Mosgiel I`ve had for about 5 years.

    I like them as they keep your back warm when sitting

    Them lads in New Zeland new what they were doing when they made these

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    SWANNDRI Mosgiel Full Zip Front Bushshirt with hood ........... SIZE XL

    Brand new with tags

    115 delivered to UK address


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