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Thread: Blaser R8 6.5.55 or 308 proffesional synthetic

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    Blaser R8 6.5.55 or 308 proffesional synthetic

    Anyone out there have one for sale or know of any deals on em anywhere
    atb mark

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    I got mine from Anderson F A in East Grinstead, it was the cheapest price I could find any where, try them, they might have more in stock.

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    cheers mate will give them a go
    atb mark

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    Top piece of kit speak to HME Paul on this site he is a blaser agent & you can try before you buy at his range atb steve

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    HME Paul is good, he can do very good deals and he has rifle range also,u can try your self. Visit:
    Welcome to Corinium Rifle Range


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    +1 endorsement for HME
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