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Thread: StillNeed Digital Scale

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    StillNeed Digital Scale

    I'm still on the lookout for a Digital Scale for reloading, would consider a combo if the price was right.

    If you have one needing a home, please let me know.



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    i bought one off of ebay a while back - a jewellery measure. Its as accurate as my 5-0-5 scales ( i check every now and then) and a fair bit quicker to use

    its not for sale, sorry, but like i said it was cheap.... maybe worth a look

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    Try this site:
    I can recommend the Jscale Mack Precision Scale, but loads of others available at all prices.

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    Try on ebay, I got one from the states which cost me about 12 including postage and does the job as good as any expensive scale.

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