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    DSC1 Help

    Hi Guys
    Just wondering if anyone had any paperwork,book's dvd's or any thing else that will help in the DSC1
    I had that Disc from BASC but i got a virus in my laptop and cant use it now i have a new Laptop
    so if any one has any thing to sell or give away please let me know


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    If its the ultimate deer data disc your talking about you can contact basc and they will replace it if you send the old one back if you tell them the reason why you can't use it anymore.


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    Cheers for that.I will give them a ring on Monday

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    There's also this Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 Training - Home learning which is 10 a month (was when I used it anyway) you subscribe to it and can uses it as many times as you like on-line which I thought was great for my level 1.

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    Just had a look at that
    Dam good site

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