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Thread: vari scope settings lesson

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    vari scope settings lesson

    I went out this morning in the fog and frost thinking roe would be in the woods eventually found one 20yds away (well we found each other) we both froze then I slowly mounted the rifle to take a freehand shot looked through the scope and saw a blurr.the deer got fed up and left. I realised that a couple of days ago a friend came round and had been looking at the rifle he must have changed the settings as I usually have it on about 6x and focused for close work the reason being I if I need to shoot further I have more time to change things if needed.
    So the lesson is check settings of anyone else handles your rifle or buy fixed power scopes.
    That one mistake cost me 140 mile round trip and failure to add to cull annoying

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    did that on a buck earlier this year and shot is badly as it moved. The worst thing is that when your faced with something unusual like overmag and you're very close in on the deer you tend to get flustered and it's easy to mess up a bit

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    I've done it with a fox.... scope on 12x (after zeroing).... fox 20 yds away - ginger blur!

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    Another good reason I use only fixed power scopes 6x and 8x point and shoot .and to be honest if my stalking buddy and i ranged the distance fiddled with the power we both said we would only put about a 1/3 of what we put in the larder .
    one lesson my mate taught me first was sight the animal check the sex and species and either pull the trigger or not that's enough for me !

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    Norma you are quite right if I were to start buying scopes again they would all be fixed power either 6or 8X
    99% of the deer I shoot are less than 100yds unless on the hill in bonny country.

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    Does level 2 not teach you to check your rifle before you go out ?

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