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Thread: Thermos cleaning?

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    Thermos cleaning?

    Anyone got any tips for cleaning your thermos flasks? I have a long one and cant get anything in there to get the cr@p off the bottom.

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    Some dry rice and a little water then, well shaken, not stirred. Some washing powder and water left in overnight can soften things up first.

    Best to only have hot water in them if at all possible.

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    bottle washer brush will reach in easily

    I think wine and beer brewing suppliers sell them as well as a google search

    Moltons baby steriliser a good option for a deep clean also

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    Bicarbonate of soda/baking powder

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    Sterodent, the stuff you use to clean false teeth with!

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    You can buy these things called magic balls or something like that.! Basically they are a load of tiny ball bearings that you chuck in , rotate around and they will clean the muck from those hard to get places. Used for decanters etc. try Lakeland stores.

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    If its stainless steel inside see if you can get some combi oven cleaner, ask at local pub or restaurant

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    Boiling water and bicarbonate of soda, takes away any smell as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by saddler View Post
    Bicarbonate of soda/baking powder
    Bang on. Soda and boiling water and leave it for a good while

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    A dish washer tablet is what i use.

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