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Thread: 7mm WSM

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    7mm WSM

    Anyone had reload experience with Hornady 100 grain hollow points in this cal

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    seems very light for calibre, I personally wouldnt use less than 160 grain in jacketed lead bullets or 140grain in monometal or bonded core in my 7mm RM (for stalking). I guess for foxes the 100 grainers might be fun but dont plan on keeping your barrel too long!!


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    7mm WSM

    Yup, I'm in full agreement with that, but barrels are like truck tyres , you wear em out & fit a new one

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    Since all the loads for the WSM run up to 62K, it really won't matter what bullet weight you use if you're wringing your hands over barrel wear. With proper bullets it's the pressure eats barrels. If you're worried, keep your loads on the starting end.~Muir

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    Hi Steve,
    120gr Hornady HP, 77gr Ramshot proved to be most accurate load to date, gets there pretty quick too.

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