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Thread: well as i have to introduce my self

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    well as i have to introduce my self

    hi lads well am jack am 22 yeard old, well just recived me dsc1 which i thought was very intresting, i have been shooting now properly for 5-6 years, taking the odd rabbit and fox. i previesly have 17hmr and a 22rf, obviosuly now i have put in for a centerfire to shoot deer as ive got a few fallow that cross my permission .. i have been on a couple of stalks in norfolk where i shot my 1st roe buck and muntjac buck on my 21st birthday.. i then got the hooked, the whole experience was great.. well thats about me and i look foward to learning a few tips off all! cheers jack

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    welcome from us in norfolk
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    Welcome to the site,

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    welcome aboard mate!

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    welcome mate shot my first munt jac and roe buck in norfolk this year to. glad to see your interest in deer stalking progressing! what center fire have you applied for, .243?

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    Welcome to the site, it is a good place to chat with like minded people.

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