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Thread: Creating a shot site

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    Creating a shot site

    Hi all,

    I was out again with the GWP today on a track that I'd laid using skin. I used a square of skin no bigger than ten inches by ten inches dragged along at the end of a short rod. I created a 'shot site' just by rubbing the inside of the skin on the ground.

    Is there a good method for creating a shot site?? Do I need to put some blood about there too?? Some bone fragments maybe? I read about the dog indicating these things along the way, should I be putting stuff out for this along the track?? For realism?

    I'm also thinking about laying some tracks with fox skin or something. Is this a bad idea? Is it a step backwards to something easier??



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    The concept is to make tracking as close to the real thing as possible so so unless all the deer you shoot Belly crawl away from the shot site you need to use tracking shoes soon. Shot site should be just that? a replication of a shot site from the various parts of an animal that could be shot to create a wound. As for the fox skin are you intending to buy a horse and a red coat ?? if not stick to boar or Deer.

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    Thanks for the reply, It shouldn't be too long until my scent shoes are ready, I'll get out with them ASAP!

    I kinda do want to track foxes though, I've shot quite a few that I couldn't find without the dog that could have been wounded. The dog would get far more work tracking foxes with me than deer and it would be nice to make sure they're actually dead! Thing is, will it affect her ability to track deer?

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    In a word yes .What do you want you decide it's your dog . Deer first then when it can do that to a good standard it will naturally track. Or possibly only shoot at a fox you are sure you can kill no dog required??.

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