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Thread: still no bucks

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    still no bucks

    Well just an up date on things . I do belive i have the worst luck in the country. last saterday I decided to have a go for a nice buck Ive been after for a year or two. So I was up and at it befor day light just as i arrived at the farm I was going to stalk it was just on day light and as i got out of the car up jumps a nice buck and a doe no more than 70 yards away, and off they went so i had a look around the place and saw nothing else, just my luck .... So this saterday i was up well befor day light and got on to the land and in to posission while it was still dark and just on day light i saw movement great i thought there he is. but NO it was a dog fox ive been after for a while so no bucks that morning either, but things are getting better. may be this week eh

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    I don't normally reply to many posts but i must say that while luck will always play a part in most things it is only that a part. It might be time to pick up a book and do a bit of reading about the ways of the Roe Deer.
    Roe deer are creatures of habit and will do the same things most days there will be things that effect there movements (weather farm movements etc ) but in general at this time of year if you have seen deer in an area you can bet you boots on it they will be there again.
    Please don't reply on luck put more thought into what you are doing wrong and you will succeed.
    If you need any help i am sure there is some one on here that will hold your hand and show you the ropes. I am in south Lanarkshire and would be willing to help if your close.

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    Third time lucky. Hopefully your persistence will pay off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pw7x57
    Third time lucky. Hopefully your persistence will pay off.
    Persistance will pay off in the end. Most have been through the same so good luck on your next outing.
    LDG, was such a patronising answer needed?
    All the chap did was state what bad luck he`s having at the moment.

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    I am having a similar run of bad luck at the moment. It just seems to be does, does and more does

    I saw one buck two weeks ago about 75 yards away in the woodland, set up my sticks, put the rifle on top, sorted my breathing and as I was about to take the shot, the drain i had the sticks on collapsed, the sticks dropped as did my rifle which i caught, dislocating my right shoulder in the process!

    What followed was more swear words than a series of the f word and strangely enough the buck did not hang around either.

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