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Thread: Mereside high seat

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    Mereside high seat

    I bought this in the summer and really rate it. Sadly, the permission I bought it for has fallen through and I need to clear out as much as possible to get the house on the market in the spring. The money would help a lot too.

    I have had this together for a test and it's perfect, very stable, but I just haven't used it.

    It cost me 120, so I'd like 90 cash, collected please. I am ten minutes from J17 of the M4.


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    Hi is the seat a double or a single, free standing or lean to etc etc


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    Single lean, made of very heavy duty materials with a good rest rail. I got it in the back of a Polo so it comes apart well.

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    this is the same style seat but dougsters is 3mtrs ladder.
    it is an adjustable shooting rail ,i will chuck in a lockable front to stop people climbing the ladders, atb wayne
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    I presume this is SOLD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dougster View Post
    I believe so.
    It's your seat, you should know for sure
    Saves much confusion if threads are marked sold.


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