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Thread: new rifle on the way - .280rem

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    new rifle on the way - .280rem

    well I've got a ukgunworks .280rem AI coming
    Borden timberline action 29" border cut barrel, jewell trigger and AI long action stock with 10shot mag
    Scope set up planned is a Swarovski 6-24x50 in a GG&G mount

    thinking is to use 180gn berger hunting with the above
    really looking forward to this one should be fun

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    That's not a Rifle its a piece of Artillery.
    You will not be disappointed with the Action, the Timberline is in my opinion the best of the Rem clones. I have one in 25-06.
    Excellent Cartridge too and those high BC Bergers should buck the wind should you ever need to.
    Not a Gun i would choose to go Hill Stalking with though.


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    That's an unusual calibre

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    well the rest of the guys use .270 in sakos or Tikkas..I fancied something a little different. the .280 rem is just a litle bit more case volume than .270 but crucially is .284 for head selection. I thought about 7mm rem mag but that would be over the range limit on m/e for my local shooting range.

    There is a nice spot to lie out and watch a clear felled area with 400m or so to left and right and 240m directly ahead.
    Roe tend to pop out around 200-250m so this should be a lot less loopy at that range than my current .308..

    I managed to get hold of a couple of hundred factory norma rounds but its really meant for handloaded berger specials.
    research to date indicates the right load should drive the berger between 2850 and 2950fps
    30" barrel and a heavy load is alleged to crack 3000fps but 2800 and a good group will do me just fine.
    It'll weigh about half a ton with a mod and ai bipod on but will be tops for what I have in mind.

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    Sounds like an excellent rig. The 280AI is one of the most popular improved rounds out here.A hunting friend of mine has a very similiar outfit, he has used it extensively in southern Alberta for long range(300yrds +) hunting on Muleys, Pronghorn and the odd White-Tail. It is a very capable round and doesn't give up much(if anything) to the 7 mm Rem Mag. All in all I think it will be perfect for the job. Great ........ now I want one.
    Good Hunting AB

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    Great calibre, nearly swapped my 270 for one once, can’t help but think 180gn bulletis a bit more than you need for roe even at 400 yards, Reds Sika brilliant choice mind. That said my mate shot 3 roe the other day with his 338LM.



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    Congrats !

    Never owned a 280 AI , have however and still do own a 280 REM on a Ruger #1B that shoots pretty well !

    My first 280 was a Kimber 89BGR Super Grade , killed a decent sized pile of deer with that one . Had a then new Leupold Vari XIII 3.5-10x40AO on top . While that rifle was certainly no tack driver it did account for a number of deer . Kinda wish I had it back !

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    I must admit i do like the sound of a .280/.284AI... ive had a 7mm rem mag and although a very nice calibre i dont think it is any better than a .280/.284. I think this will be my next calibre

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    Welcome to the 280 Remington! I have one, a Belgian "artisan gunsmith", 24" barrel, based on an ex-Nazi 98K Mauser and it is indeed superior to the 270 Winchester in one crucial aspect...the use of .284" diameter bullets. And that one thing leaps it into the 30-06 class IMHO.

    I've also a 270 Winchester but that "tops out" at 150 grains in standard cup and core bullets and apart from Nosler's 160 grain Partition and the continental 10 gram offerings (RWS Evolution or Sako Hammerhead) that is about it.

    I use 160 grain bullets in mine and don't feel the need for anything heavier, these are currently Nosler Partition Gold, but may look at 175 grain just out of curiosity.

    For me it is a superb calibre that just, crucially, is superior to both 270 Winchester (ONLY because of that .284" bullet selection advantage) AND 7mm Remington Magnum as one round plus advantage over the 7mm RM and no feeding issues with a useless "belt".

    Enjoy your rifle. It's a great calibre! Even better I think you'll find if you stick with 160 grain weight!

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    And dont worry about the weight of it when carrying the roe, you can put a little piece of them in each pocket to spread the weight about!

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