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Thread: Bonjour everybody!

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    Bonjour everybody!

    I am french and have been living in the UK since 1992.

    I am passionate about shooting, wines and cooking, and also love motosport, flying planes and building things.

    I have passed the DMQ level 1.

    I am looking for stalking opportunities around Windsor (within 45mns) to put delicious food on my and your table!

    My experience in stalking is very limited - but i love to learn and be of help!

    If your land has a problem with rabbitts or pigeons, I am more than happy to be of assistance!

    Thanks to all in advance!

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    thank you. How long have you used this site? how experienced are you at stalking?

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    Salut Napoléon. Un autre francais ici, mais basé a Londres cette fois-ci. Bienvenue sur le site!

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    Do you stalk a lot? Where? Where are you from in France?

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    Not a lot, no, I only started this year, but I also shoot wildfowl and small game as a member of the Kent Wildfowling and Conservation Association. I'm now into a system of rolling bookings so I will stalk more and more. Ma famille francaise est d'Alsace, mais j'ai grandi entre Londres et Bruxelles. J'ai aussi travaillé en Suisse. Whereabouts are you from?

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    L'alsace est superbe - Le Mont St Odile et la flamekuche!!! Je suis ne a Paris mais j'ai vecu longtemps dans le sud (Bordeaux) et j'ai passe 18 ans a Jersey et je suis maintenant a Windsor depuis 3 ans! I started stalking 2 years ago but struggle to find any permissions around windsor. Dur dur.

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    welcome to the site Napoleon


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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